Review Policy

First, thank you authors and publishers for visiting my blog! I’m Alex and this is my review policy.

I accept these genres of YA:
– Fantasy
– Sci-fi
– Contemporary
– Mystery
– Dystopian
– Horror
– LGBTQ+ friendly books

I DO NOT accept:

– Poetry
– Spiritual/Religious books
– Self Published books (I can make some rare exceptions, however)

I write honest but kind reviews of books. Even if I do not like it, I won’t bash it. If I love it, I’ll probably shout about it from the rooftops (this may or may not be an exaggeration). All books I accept for review will be read within a month and the review will be posted as close to the release date as possible, and will receive a normal or DNF (did not finish) review.

All reviews will receive a post with the book’s cover and summary (from goodreads), author’s name, pub date, a rating out of 5 stars, and a honest and detailed review. The review will include things I liked about the books and things I did not like (if applicable).

I accept print copies of both ARCs and finished copies. At this time, I do not accept any ebooks.

If you’re interested in having me review your book, you can send emails to fieryreads (at) gmail (dot) com (, or you can use the contact form below.