Stranger Things Book Tag!

It’s no big secret that Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. I binge watched the entire season in two days last summer, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since! When my lovely friend Ava tagged me in this, I just knew I had to do it (never mind the fact that I’m a little late on this…lol).

Books + Stranger Things = The Best Thing in the World? (Answer: HELL YES!)

I’m gonna have to go with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer on this one. I LOVED the first book, but I was also really confused for a lot of the story (although, that was intentional on the authors part). It only made me want to read more to find out what the heck was going on!

Hmm, there’s a lot of scary fantasy books that I would never survive in, but I’m going to go with Nevernight as my final choice. While it sounds pretty badass and awesome to be an assassin, I know for a fact that I would be killed one way or another, whether I’m assassinated or I die in the competition.

My copies of Percy Jackson are paperback, and they are very well loved. I started that series when I was in 4th grade, and I still glance through them every once in awhile to relive the nostalgia. This is one of those instances where I don’t mind how damaged the book is, because it reminds me of how much I loved them 🙂

Oh, this one is easy, because it’s the book series that I reread every single year like clockwork. The Raven Cycle will forever be my go to books, because I love the cast of characters, and the endless layers of Maggie Stiefvater’s writing means that I’ll always discover something new.

I’m gonna have to go with the Ridderak from Throne of Glass. I imagine it like a dog/wolf/bear-ish hybrid with insane claws and teeth and venom that you don’t want to go up against. Yeah, I think I’ll be staying far, far away from the corridors in the glass castle.

This one is so easy, because my favorite villain happens to be both of those things. The Darkling from Shadow and Bone is manipulative and dedicated and beautifuland that makes him a wonderfully complex character. It’s probably a big reason why so many people–myself included–like him better than Mal (yes, I said it).

(sidebar: I LOVE NANCY WHEELER SO MUCH GUYS I LOVE FEMALE CHARACTERS THAT MOST PEOPLE DISLIKE) I think a lot of books could fit into this category, but I’m going to stick with young adult and go with Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman. Seriously guys, this book was probably my best read of 2016, beating out ACOMAF, Nevernight, The Raven King and The Winner’s Kiss (okay, those last two are arguably tied). If you read my blog semi-regularly, you probably aren’t surprised by my choice lol. JUST READ THE BOOK!!!

Picture this: a nice little town on a small island, where everyone is friendly and nice….and where they have horses that come from the sea and eat flesh. lol what? The Scorpio Races has *just* enough weirdness to make it interesting, but not enough that it’s unbelievable, or less realistic. Another great story from the queen herself.

And that’s all!! I’m not sure which of my friends have done this yet (or who has watched the show!) so I’m going to tag anyone who wants to do this! If this seems cool to you, definitely do it on your own blog and then post your link below in the comments!

Do you like stranger things? agree with any of my choices? let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Stranger Things Book Tag!

  1. tasya @ the literary huntress says:

    I AM SO DOING THIS TAG. I mean… it’s stranger things! I totally agree with TUoMD, it’s soo goood! And I didn’t know anyone hating on Nancy Wheeler? Like she’s so badass! She might seem like miss goody two shoes, but she’s not! She’s capable of making her decision, doing her own things, even fight the monster! I love her to pieces too!


  2. Monica says:

    I love Stranger Things! It’s such a weird (in a good way), innovative show and I’m so excited to see where it goes in S2. I definitely agree with you about Unbecoming! Although, I think I was just so “wtf just happened” that I was only *slightly* intrigued and then decided to not go on with the trilogy. I enjoyed it, but not enough to go on. Also totally agree about the Darkling. I haven’t read books two and three (yet!) but he is so complex and interesting!
    -Monica @ Tomes Project


  3. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    I’m probably the only person who hasn’t watched this show yet XD But I really liked this tag!
    I enjoyed Blackhearts a lot, just wished there was a bit more plot to it. Have you read Blacksouls yet?
    The Darkling was suuuch an amazing character, yet again, I feel like I didn’t get the chance to meet him fully… Did you read his short story/prequel? It was honestly so amazing and explained so much ❤


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