Fictional Fever Week: Day 2 | Kendice’s Favorite Single Ladies!


Welcome to day 2 of Fictional Fever Week at Fiery Reads! If you’re just joining in, I posted the schedule for the event in the introduction post, which you can check out here. Today is day two, and on the blog today is Kendice, who is sharing her favorite girls who don’t need no man or woman to make their life feel complete! (single ladies ftw!)

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Hello Beautiful Readers! My name is Kendice and I’m 28, a single mom, and a fifth grade teacher in Florida. I blog over at Emily Reads Everything with my sweet friend Emily. When Alex asked me to guest post and assigned me to this topic, I was super excited. Over the past few years I’ve led a mostly single life and I feel as though I finally love myself and know who I am. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single woman than to recognize some other amazingly awesome women? I hope you enjoy the post and more importantly have an excellent Valentine’s Day. ❤


Whether taken or single, there are plenty of badass chicks out there who are strong on their own. 💪🏼 (note from alex: i very much approve of this use of emoji)


  • Hermione Granger is my literary patronus. Fierce and unashamed of her intelligence and quirks are essential badass traits. Hermione embodies feminism and equality all throughout the Harry Potter series, even when she falls for Ron.
  • Celaena Sardothien may not always be single, but she’s still strong af. She can kick ass and hold her own. Whether you’re a SJM fan or not, it’s hard to deny why Celaena makes the cut.
  • Did you know Jane Austen, famous for romance, was actually single for the majority of her life? She was temporarily engaged, but then decided to end the engagement in order to focus on her writing.

Pop Culture

  • Beyoncé’s nickname Queen Bey says it all. Gorgeous, talented, and a role model for women and girls alike, Beyoncé is a no brainer as a chick who enjoys her man, but doesn’t need him!
  • Michelle Obama is goals. So is her relationship with President Barack Obama. Let’s be real though, she’d be an inspiration even without her doting hubby. Can anyone say Michelle 2020 with me?!
  • Oprah has actually been in a relationship for years, but has never succumbed to societal pressure to get married. For this reason I think she definitely fits the description for this list.
  • Malala. Need I say more? A teenage activist with the purest heart and bravest soul. She fights for girls’ educations in parts of the world where they are undervalued and underestimated.


  • Susan B. Anthony was one of the lead activist when it came to women’s right to vote. She was a total badass and started the fight against the patriarchy when many women were content with the way things were. Here’s an excellent quote from her…”I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.”
  • Not only should Rosa Parks be acknowledged for her impact on the Civil Rights front in the 1950’s, but she clearly deserves to be recognized as a historical woman who exhibited strength, bravery, and selfishness for the greater cause.
  • Harriet Tubman is another amazing woman. She escaped slavery but returned to the south to help free others still enslaved. She’s known as an abolitionist and a humanitarian.
  • Rosie the Riveter may not be a real woman, but she is almost the face of feminism and female strength. Created during WWII, she has become an American icon representing the women who went to work in place of men while our country was at war. Always remember, “We Can Do It!”


This Valentine’s Day, even if you have a man, find a way to celebrate yourself because you are perfect all on your own. I’m going to steal a line from Kendrick Lamar’s song Poetic Justice to reiterate my point. “I mean you need to hear this, love is not just a verb, it’s you looking in the mirror” (:


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Who are your favorite ladies who don’t need a love interest? do you share any favorites with Kendice? lET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


One thought on “Fictional Fever Week: Day 2 | Kendice’s Favorite Single Ladies!

  1. danielle hammelef says:

    I think Ellen Degeneres is one of my favorite ladies–so talented as well as generous in her sharing of money and time for others.


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