Guest Post: Brooke @ The Cozy Little Book Nook | 31 Thoughts I Have While Writing a Blog Post

Hi everyone! Today, I have another amazing blogger guest posting on my blog! I don’t want to waste any time getting to her awesome post, but before I turn it over to Brooke, I just want ot say if you’re interested in guest posting on my blog (about anything book/blogging related!) send me an email at!

About the Author

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Brooke is a 15 year old girl from Texas. She’s been reading since she could remember and loves sharing a good book with people which is one of the main reasons she created this blog. Other than reviewing books, she like to post random things (or maybe not so random) discussion posts under the ‘BLOG’ tab. She is also doing some writing which can be found in the Writer’s Corner of this blog/site (it is currently under construction and not on the navigation bar) and she hopes you all will give feedback. She love making new friends and talking to people so don’t feel shy to chat! You can also find her on various social media platforms (facebook, twitter, google plus, and goodreads). Go over to these sites and find Brooke on them 🙂


Hey Everyone!

I’m Brooke Evans from The Cozy Little Book Nook and I’m so happy to be blogging here today. This is actually my first guest post so it’s an exciting new experience for me! Now, I’m pretty sure everyone has those days (well for me, everyday) where you sit down to write a blog post or something and you end up getting WAYYYY too distracted by literally everything else around you. So today, I thought I would compile a list of 31 thoughts that go through my head while I’m writing any post. Now without further ado, here we go:

31 thoughts I have while writing a blog post

  1. Ok, so I just finished the book, now do I actually remember any of it?

  2. Oh hey look, I have 2 emails

  3. I better look at them, they may be important

  4. Oh, someone posted a new post on their blog, I have to check it out

  5. Hahaha, this is brilliant! ← (me reading any blog post ever)

  6. Ok, time to get started on the review before I forget what I’m going to say.

  7. You know what? I haven’t been on twitter all day. I have to see what’s going on in the world

  8. Hey! Would you look at that? A new twitter chat just started! It’s not too late to join in!

  9. Ok, let’s go, the first question is…. Oh that’s easy. You know, I’ll just be here for 5 minute and then I’ll get started on that post. I swear.

  10. *20 minutes later* Why am I still on twitter? I better get off of here.

  11. …my house is too loud. I’m just going to go to the bookstore and sit in the coffee shop

  12. Ok I’m here now. Let’s start on this post.

  13. Oooo! That frappuccino looks so good! Oh it’s a limited edition frap? I have to have that. It’ll definitely help my concentration. Caffeine=GOOD right?

  14. *after I finish my drink* Now I can finally start on the post. Where’s my book again?

  15. Oh no! I left the book at home! What am I gonna do?

  16. Oh wait, I’m in a book store. I can just go grab a copy of the book.

  17. *wait 5 minutes in line at customer service* Hi! Do you have a copy of _____?

  18. Customer Service: uh, that book doesn’t come out until next week. Do you want to preorder a copy?

  19. Me to myself: How could I have forgotten that it was an ARC? I have to go home now.

  20. To Customer Service: Thanks but not today.

  21. *Go back home* Boy am I tired. You know what? I’m just gonna take a 20 minute nap. After that I’ll be refreshed to write.

  22. *I sleep for eternity*

  23. *FInally wakes up after 6 hours* What time is it? Oh 7pm? I better eat dinner then

  24. *eats dinner while thinking about books*

  25. Ok, I have a due date. I need to finish this post by Friday. Let’s see how far I’ve gotten.

  26. Oh! I haven’t even started? How is that possible? I just spent all day working on it.

  27. You know what? It’s getting late. I better go to bed soon

  28. Well, I guess ti wouldn’t hurt to write some of this now. I can go to bed a little later today

  29. *2 hours later* Ok, I’m almost done, I’m making good progress right now.

  30. *1 hour later* YAYAYAY!!! I’m finally done! It didn’t take too long. I need to do this again tomorrow! It wasn’t too bad.

  31. AH it’s 2 A.M. already. Well, I gotta go to bed. Time to close my laptop.

So this is my list of 31 things that I think/go through while writing a blog post. Of course I jumped a lot near the end because I didn’t want this to get too long but I may write an updated version of this in the future on my blog: The Cozy Little Book Nook. Thanks again to Alex for letting me blog here today! It has been super fun and if you want more, you can go over to my blog and find me on there!


What is your technique like for blogging? Let us know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Brooke @ The Cozy Little Book Nook | 31 Thoughts I Have While Writing a Blog Post

  1. Shameeka Alexis says:

    That was amazing! I think most of those stuff, too! However, most of the times, I’m just tempted to procrastinate and go “Hey, maybe I could finish this post tomorrow” or I’m preoccupied with the thoughts of this other book I just started reading. Nice post idea, by the way 🙂


  2. Jess I. says:

    Haha, I’m easily distracted too! Mainly by other blog posts and Twitter (I guess getting distracted by the primary is a good a thing..?). I’m also a huge commenter so sometimes I get caught in a whirlwind of commenting; I comment so much that I could probably write a post or two just from comments… Woah, I might use that a post idea (<– SEE WHAT I MEAN BY EASILY DISTRACTED)


  3. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Haha! At least you try to tell yourself you’re going to work on the post. :p I sit down to write the post, look at my topic, and go: ‘nah. I don’t feel like writing it write now. There’s no inspiration. *wanders off to do something*’ Which really doesn’t help me at all. :p So, it sounds like your delayed progress is better than my lack of progress. Haha! Entertaining read, too! Thank you!


  4. novelcravings says:

    These thoughts are so accurate! I think reviews are the hardest for me to write, I don’t know if they are diffcult themselves or I am just difficult about getting to them. It makes me laugh because as a blogger, shouldnt it be the first thing I do? Aside from reading the book of course.


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