Guest Post: Maha @ Younicorn Reads | 20 Thoughts I Have on a Book Hangover

Hi everyone! I have a very special treat for you today! Recently, I put the word out on twitter that I was looking for guest bloggers, and my friend Maha @ Younicorn Reads (who has an AMAZING blog, btw) offered to guest post on my blog. I absolutely love what she came up with, and without further ado, I’ll turn it over to her!

About the Author

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Younicorn Reads is a blog run by a fourteen years old girl named Maha. she is a very little human being with a bag full of books and a head full of dreams.


aaaah, that moment you finish an amazing book, and feel like you’ve just read the best book in your life. all your feels are mixed up inside you: joy, sadness and excitement. but then…

what do you do with your life? how can you recover from that amazing book? it’s nearly impossible.

yeah, we’ve all been in that stage one day or another. and in that moment, a lot of weird thoughts can rum through your mind, that’s why i decided to list 20 thoughts a reader has on a book hangover.

  1. *closes book* wow. just…wow. HOW CAN A BOOK BE SO FREAKING AMAZING?!

  2. this is too much for me. i can’t. TOO. MANY. FEELS.

  3. it’s seriously the best book i’ve ever read in my life.

  4. *thinks of book* best book in history *sobs*

  5. but…what do i do with my life now? HOW CAN I FORGET ABOUT THIS BOOK?! *cries*

  6. *lays on the bed* *thinks of what happened in the book* *cries*

  7. can i please take a day off? i need to recover.

  8. i mean, why can’t we able to take days off to recover from a book? LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.

  9. *goes to bookshelf* let’s see our next read…

  10. *20 minutes later* i can’t read it. i can’t. *lays on bed again*



  13. you know what, i need to forget about it.

  14. *goes on the internet* *sees book on timeline* WHYYYYYY???? *remembers* *sobs*

  15. you know what, i’m going out.

  16. *1 hour later* *returns home* this was the worst idea i’ve ever had.

  17. i think books have a kind of magic to make you feel this way even days after being done with it.

  18. i don’t even know if i can read another book.


  20. will i ever be able to recover from this book? i don’t think so.

i really hope you liked this post (and related to it, because i hope i’m not the only one having these thoughts). thank you so much Alex for letting me guest post on your blog, it’s a blast!

what are some thoughts you have on a book hangover? Let me know in the comments below!

*Note from Alex: If you’re interested in guest posting on my blog, shoot me an email at!


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