I’m BEA Bound! + Mini Updates

Hey everyone! This serves as an update post on what’s going to be happening on the blog in the near future. While I enjoyed my unofficial hiatus from blogging, I’ve missed it a lot and I’m ready to jump back into it with everything I’ve got!

First off–I’m going to BEA!

I am SO excited about this!! It’s been a dream of mine to attend BEA for a long, long time, before I was even a blogger. I went to Book Con last year and it was an amazing experience. I got to meet a lot of my favorite authors, wandered the show floor and even picked up a few ARCs! But I know that BEA is a whole different beast.

Personally, I’m SUPER excited to meet a few blogger friends (like my best friend and writer extraordinaire, Ava), maybe go to a panel or two, meet some lovely authors, and pick up some ARCs! I plan to post a recap for the days I’m going (Wednesday and Thursday–not Friday, sadly) and I’m also hoping to have a giveaway up too! That’s at least 2 or 3 posts that will be on the blog in  the upcoming weeks.

guest Posts!

I have a few amazing guest posts lined up for the blog, and I just know you guys are going to love them! I’m also still looking for people to guest post while I get my stuff together and get back in the swing of blogging. If you’re interested, email me at fieryreads@gmail.com.

More Reading = More Reviews!

I’m out of school for the rest of the year (physically, that is) so my free time has exploded! It’s amazing to be able to read all day and not feel like I’m neglecting my other responsibilities. I’ve been a bad reviewer and I’ve spent most of my time rereading series, like Hush Hush and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Fear not, my friends–I still have plenty of books for review! Now that I’m reading so much, you can look forward to reviews filling up the blog once more 🙂

That’s it for my updates! I’m so happy to be back and I’m ready to show you guys some (hopefully) amazing posts 🙂



3 thoughts on “I’m BEA Bound! + Mini Updates

  1. The Blog of a Book and Tea Addict says:

    ALEX ILY AND I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU! <3333 it's so soon I'm freaking out. It's going to be SO MUCH FUN, and I can't wait for your recap posts! So glad you're going to be posting more reviews, I love them (and I love DOSAB too). *hugs* JUST FIVE. MORE. DAYS. TILL. I. CAN. DO. THAT. IN. PERSON!


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