February Wrap Up + March TBR!


February is a short month, but it feels like just another regular old month. This month was filled with a bunch of highs and lows to be honest. I felt pretty good the first half of the month, what with all the fun posts on the blog and my life in general, but the second half of the month was harder for me, both personally and blog wise. I feel like I haven’t really been on my game and I want to change that in March. So, let’s get this show on the road so we can get into March already!

February is a short month, but it was filled with a bunch of different posts! The second half of the month has been pretty rough for me in many aspects, blogging included. However, I’m really proud of all the posts I put out, especially the number of reviews (I post at least 3 a week now, up from 2!):





  • ARC Review: Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate – This book took a bold move and tried 7 different POVs! Did it work out? Check out my review and see what I thought 😉
  • Disney Princess Book Tag – I had almost 2 full weeks with just reviews, so I decided to post this fun tag! I mean, who doesn’t like Disney princesses?
  • Discussion: Can You Love a Book but Hate the Ending? – Lots of people knock down books a star or two if they dislike the ending, but what if the book was amazing? What do you do then? Let’s discuss!
  • Reviews: Blackhearts and The Girl From Everywhere – For my last post, I grouped two pirate-y books I read recently into one post. Which one did I like more? Come see for yourself!


I read the same amount of books this month as I did last month, so I call this a success! Plus, I read some hella long books *cough* Winter *cough*. This month, I read a total of 14 books and 6,079 pages (holy hell that’s a lot of pages). I read all the books I had on my February TBR.


Reviewed: The Impostor Queen, Titans, Burning Glass, Into the Dim, Assassin’s Heart, Reign of Shadows, Seven Ways We Lie, Blackhearts and The Girl From Everywhere

Rereads: None!

Total books read so far this year: 28/100


Reading 14 books definitely does help out with the challenges! I pretty much stuck to new releases for the most part, and I want to try and get to some backlist titles next month, but here’s how I did for my challenges in February:

Rock My TBR: 4/15 books (Cress, Fairest and Winter)

Debut Authors 2016: 9/15+ (Burning Glass, Into the Dim, Assassin’s Heart, Blackhearts, The Girl From Everywhere and Seven Ways We Lie)

Flights of Fantasy: 13/20 (Burning Glass, Cress, Assassin’s Heart, Reign of Shadows, Fairest, Winter, The Girl From Everywhere, The Forbidden Wish and A Gathering of Shadows)

Re-Read Challenge: 5/8 (None this month)

Retelling Challenge: 1/9 (Cress, Assassin’s Heart, Reign of Shadows, Fairest, Winter and The Forbidden Wish)

Series-a-Month: 1/12 (None this month)


I want to focus on some of my “older” books on my TBR–Captive Prince is a new addition to my TBR because I heard so many great things about it, and Falling Kingdoms because my friend Joel loves it so I have to see what it’s all about! Of course, I have to finish the Winner’s Curse series and hope to god that Kestrel and Arin find their way back to each other before the end! *crosses fingers*

What books did you read in February? Did you have a favorite post from this month? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “February Wrap Up + March TBR!

  1. Sarah Cone says:

    HEEYYYY GUUURRRRL! There’s NO WAY I can pick a fave post! I thoroughly enjoy your reviews *and your discussion posts.
    You *should be proud of yourself and all you accomplish! You’re kickin’ some serious bookish ass! Honestly, I don’t know how you manage to get it all done.(are you a time traveler, perhaps? If so, could you do me a solid and go back to 2007 & warn me not to stop exercising or at least to not stuff my face, please?You could save me from a future with a big ass and that would seriously make my day.)
    Congrats again on your first ARC!! I hope you get a shit ton more!(Thrilled to see that you also use my favorite standard of measurement,btw!) 😉
    I don’t keep track of how many books I read per month but I’m going to guesstimate that it’s somewhere in the ballpark of 3-5.Yeah. Definitely no more than 5. Usually I read more but I’ve been in a book funk for some reason.
    I’m excited to see what you’ll post in March!… and hey, I’m sorry things have been tough and I certainly hope March brings you nothing but happiness. If shit does hit the fan though, I know that if anyone can keep standing strong to give life a kick in the balls and say, “Not today,mofo.Not today”, it’s you! HAPPY MARCH! 🙂


  2. Nori (@ReadWriteLove28) says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry the second half of February didn’t go well for you. *sends hugs and love your way* I just received a copy of The Imposter Queen and am super excited to read it! I’ve heard great things about it. I LOVED your discussion on Mental Health in YA Fantasy. Wooohoooo you had an awesome reading month! I’m sorry you didn’t love Assassin’s Heart nor Burning Glass. I only thought they were okay. I also thought Reign of Shadows, Seven Ways We Lie, and The Girl From Everywhere were only okay. Awwww I personally liked Starflight. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. 😦


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