ARC Review: Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor


Into the Dim
Author: Janet B. Taylor
Series: Into the Dim #1
Genre: YA, sci-fi, historical, romance
Pub Date: March 1st, 2016
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Source: #booksfortrade

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When fragile, sixteen-year-old Hope Walton loses her mom to an earthquake overseas, her secluded world crumbles. Agreeing to spend the summer in Scotland, Hope discovers that her mother was more than a brilliant academic, but also a member of a secret society of time travelers. Trapped in the twelfth century in the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Hope has seventy-two hours to rescue her mother and get back to their own time. Along the way, her path collides with that of a mysterious boy who could be vital to her mission . . . or the key to Hope’s undoing.

Addictive, romantic, and rich with historical detail, Into the Dim is an Outlander for teens.



TITLE: boring | nothing special | pretty good | caught my eye | perfection | music to my ears
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CHARACTERS: i’m in love | couldn’t connect | too many | well developed (all) | infuriating | annoying | precious babies (Collum, my love <3) | underdeveloped (all)| a mix of good and bad | diverse | okay | new favorite characters
ROMANCE: none | steamy | fluffy | OTP status | cute | center stage | barely there | cheesy | instalove | slow burn (my ship) | i ship it | love triangle (kind of?)
DIVERSITY: none | lgbtq+ | racial | religion | disabled | mental illness | body

It’s no secret I absolutely love time travel stories. Something about them is just so wonderful. The most recent one I read and reviewed was The Love That Split the World, but that was magic realism. I really wanted to read a time travel story that got down to the core of it–travelling through history and experiencing the time. When I heard of Into the Dim, I hoped it would be that story, and indeed it was.

I thought the story itself was very enjoyable. It took awhile to get to the time travel aspect of the story, so the beginning wasn’t my favorite, but the story really took off once they started traveling. The characters only went to one time period, but I really enjoyed it so I can’t complain. Sometimes “quest” type of plots can become a bit boring and drag, but that didn’t happen with Into the Dim. The object of the characters’s mission was to find a certain object that could control the way people travel, and there was an added element of suspense when you find out there are 2 groups searching for the object. I thought the story was exciting and thrilling once it really got rolling, and I didn’t see the big “twist” coming.

The pacing was well done. Even though the beginning didn’t deal with time travel, I didn’t think it was slow (I’m just impatient when it comes to getting to the good stuff, I suppose). Because of the thrilling nature of the story, I never felt like anything was really “slow,” but there were lulls in the action. It really was a nice balance between fast and slow scenes.

I thought the characters were alright. Hope, our main character, is a young 16. Sometimes she felt a bit immature, but I think I’d chalk that up to her being home schooled and sequestered away for most of her life. I like more mature main characters, so sometimes her actions and responses grated on my nerves, but overall I think she was a pretty solid main character. She was loyal to her friends and brave, which I admired. I thought the other characters were pretty well developed. The other two main characters who accompany Hope on her journey were Phoebe and Collum, two siblings. Both of them were well developed, and Collum was one of my favorite characters in the story. I also loved Eleanor; she was a force to be reckoned with, and reading this story made me want to learn so much more about her.  The only character who I felt was a little underdeveloped was Bran. He felt too theatrical at times, and his sudden personality change felt a little jarring. Otherwise, I thought all the other characters were lovely.

Ah, the romance. I said it was a love triangle in “review at a glance” but it’s not an “in your face” sort of thing. The main character only focuses on one love interest during the story, but it’s pretty clear that another character likes her (sadly, my favorite of the 2 was not the one Hope was interested in 😦 , which I’m pretty bitter about). I thought the romance went from lust to love a little too soon, and that Hope suffered from special snowflake syndrome a bit. Otherwise, I thought the romance was grudgingly cute at times, even though it wasn’t my ship.

Overall, Into the Dim was a very enjoyable read. While the romance wasn’t my favorite, I thought the plot was a fresh take on a typical idea, the characters were a fun bunch, and the the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I wanted a fun, time travel story and I got it; if that’s what you’re looking for, then I recommend you buy it when it releases in a few weeks!


Have you read an early copy of Into the Dim? Do you plan on reading it once it’s released? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “ARC Review: Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

  1. Anissa @ She Reads Too Much says:

    AH, you lucky duck for getting an ARC of this! I can’t wait for it to come out, and after reading your review I’m relieved because I was so worried it might not be as great as I expected (after the disaster that was Assassin’s Heart HAHA) but it seems promising! 😀


  2. Sarah Cone says:

    I haven’t read it but I plan to!
    I appreciate the warning that there were certain aspects of the MC that got on your nerves. Usually when an MC has an immature personality or has a certain attitude, it really puts me off… but it sounds like it doesn’t happen in this book so much so that it makes you completely dislike the MC or take away from the story;so I think I’ll be able to give an eye roll, chalk it up to her being so young and read on.
    As for the romance… I don’t mind it being less in the forefront of the story as long as it has interesting action & plot. I’m only slightly concerned about how I’ll feel about them falling in love so quickly.Unless the setting/events are just right, the majority of “fast love” seems naive, unbelievable and or unrealistic, thooough…I can’t say it absolutely *can’t happen since in my own life, I met my husband on Feb7 and we were married on June 6(yes, that’s D-Day. No, we didn’t pick that day to memorialize storming the beach) and have been married for 19 yrs. So I can’t complain too much when it’s in a story without feeling like a hypocrite but Tbh, it can still make me cringe a little when i read about it happening to characters that are so young. I feel your shipping pain but don’t lose hope, Alex! It looks like this is going to be a series(?) & you never know what twists the author will toss in… maybe she’ll surprise you and by the time the series ends, you’ll have your shipping dreams comes true.(fingers crossed) Thank you for another great review & have a great day! 🙂


  3. Kelly says:

    I have an early copy of this I plan on reading soon! I’m kind of bummed about the cover…it’s so simple and I felt like they could have done something better with it, but it is what it is…the book still sounds amazing and I keep seeing such great reviews for it!


  4. Josephine says:

    Ever since I saw this book a couple of months back, I’ve been wanting to read it! It sounds like an enjoyable read, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I might purchase the ebook when it is released.


  5. yourkucing says:

    OOOOH, I actually have this eARC in my Kindle, which I really need to get to it soon. But I’m kinda stalling, because I recently read Passenger, and that book WOWed me. So, I’m kinda scared that Into The Dim might not live up to the time-travelling expectations that was in Passenger.

    But I definitely love the fact that it wasn’t always slow, and it wasn’t always fast either. I think that books need to have a balance between them, and I think this is one of those books.

    On a side note, this is my first time going to your blog, and omg gurl, I’m definitely coming back. 😉 Your blog is awesome 😀


  6. Tasya says:

    I haven’t read this, but since this book is marketed as “Outlander for YA” I really want to! I read Outlander a while back, but I feel it was too heavy and mature for me. Plus, who doesn’t love books about time-travelling??


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