Fictional Fever Week: Day 5 | Ari’s Favorite Love Triangles


Welcome to day 3 of Fictional Fever Week at Fiery Reads! Yesterday, Ava shared her favorite OTPs with us, and they’re quite a lovely bunch! Today, Ari’s sharing with us her favorite epic love triangles! Are you ready for the beautiful pain included in this post?

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Hey, I’m Ari! A local NYC bibliophile, you can usually find me with my nose buried in a book and my head up in the clouds. I am a COFFEE ADDICT, CHOCOLATE CONNOISSEUR, and forever DAYDREAMER! Feel free to check out my blog, The Daydreaming Bookworm, where I FANGIRL about books and spout the occasional rants and rambles about books and blogging!


I am SO EXCITED to by a part of Fictional Fever Week hosted by Alex! Today I will be sharing some EPIC LOVE TRIANGLES in books! You cannot deny the fact that love triangles have become a trending theme in books. Every time I dive into a book, my first instinct is to check to see who the potential couples are and which ship I will be SHIPPING!


Even though we may be annoyed by them, it sure is fun picking a ship and DEFENDING it until the end! Here are some series with EPIC LOVE TRIANGLES that created quite a stir among us bookworms!

The Vampire Diaries

large VS tumblr_n5d4b0jPdX1svx7e6o1_500

#TeamDelena vs #TeamStelena:The Vampire Diaries series by L.J. Smith was the first series I ever read that had a love triangle. While the love triangle is more emphasized in the TV show than in the books, this love triangle was actually done pretty well in the books. It didn’t over shadow the overall plot and it was useful because without it, Elena would have been dead by the end of the second book!

The Twilight Saga

tumblr-mqx2yn8whr1s50npio1-500-1443114054 VS Tumblr_m4x25d62wO1rxw5kzo1_500

#TeamEdward vs #TeamJacob: I personally blame the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer for all the love triangles in today’s YA books! I feel like this book made love triangles in YA extremely popular and now we can’t get away from them. This triangle was completely unnecessary because let’s face it, Jacob NEVER stood a chance!

The Hunger Games

Peeta-7 VS tumblr_me5um75Oas1rksto4o1_500

#TeamPeeta vs #TeamGale: Who to choose: The childhood best friend or the star-crossed lover? How about NEITHER?! I think Katniss is pretty BADASS on her own. Plus, I think Peeta is a cop out choice. If they were not bonded by their experiences, Katniss would have probably ended up with someone else!

The Grisha Trilogy

 Mal VS  nikolai  VS  Darkling1

#TeamMal vs #TeamNikolai vs #TeamDarkling: Who to choose? I have not read the Grisha Trilogy and I don’t plan to since I already knows how it ends. I’m a sucker for villains so I’m pretty sure I would’ve been shipping #TeamDarkling!

Throne of Glass

0af05a6d0f9c6faff6798c2ca83d3bf2 VS  chaol___celaena__looking_better_in_black_by_deesney-d6a74em VS tumblr_nblg7clpko1rpkgzgo1_500

#TeamDorian vs #TeamChaol vs #TeamRowan: Sarah J. Maas, Queen of geometrical relationships has caused quite a stir with her EPIC love triangles (or should I say square? pentagon?). I am crossing my fingers for the #Rowaelin ship to stay afloat! I will defend this ship. They are a perfect match!

The Infernal Devices

jemcarstairs1 VS 

#TeamJem vs #TeamHerondale: Two friends falling for the same girl! While I have yet to read this series, I know that #TeamHerondale is the favored team! However, I am aware of the twist that has broken many hearts and I can’t wait to decide for myself which team I SHIP!

The Shatter Me Series

1 VS 2

#TeamAdam vs #TeamWarner: While I don’t plan on reading this series, I am well aware of how much this love triangle impacts this story and that many were upset by how the triangle played out in the end. While many are #TeamWarner, I hear that the real winner here is #TeamKenjiBFF GOALS!

A Court of Thorns and Roses

0c2ee2c33eaee003acbd2393c7576eee VS bd17422c42f6fd67a0b8fe0d26acf699

#TeamTamlin vs #TeamRhys: While this is technically not “officially” a love triangle, I’m pretty sure it will turn into one in ACOMAF. I am #TeamTamlin. He is ENDGAME because how does the line go, “…And so, the Beauty fell in love with the Beast…“. Yeah, Tamlin is endgame for sure!

Love triangles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and I look forward to shipping more SHIPS! Even though they can be annoying, they are PURE entertainment and here’s to hoping I never find myself on a sinking ship!
The giveaway is for any book mentioned during the event (whether the character is mentioned, the actual book, a series, etc.), and it’s international, as long as the Book Depository or Amazon ships to you!


How do you feel about love triangles? see any of your favorite ones in this post? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


11 thoughts on “Fictional Fever Week: Day 5 | Ari’s Favorite Love Triangles

  1. ReadiculousGirl says:

    I am SO happy that you are a Tamlin and Feyre SHIPPER! The story is about Beauty and the Beast, so I really hope that Sarah J. Maas chooses to stay true to that one aspect of the original fairy tale.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  2. Sarah Cone says:

    Nice to meet you, Ari! If it’s done well, I’m all for a good love triangle. My faves are some of the ones you posted, Ie., Twilight, Vampire Diaries&Hunger Games but I’d also add: Alyssa,Jeb&Morpheus – Splintered series and Meghan Ash&Puck -Iron Get series.


  3. Tasya says:

    I love this post! I really ship Delena because Damon could balance Elena’s dark side, and it was pretty fun! I also #TeamDarkling, and I never think Nikolai as a real love interest, but whoever Alina chooses I’d feel bad for the other boys so the ending also worked for me. TID’s triangle is the one that really broke me! I don’t even know who I ship with who! Wessa? Jessa? Heronstairs? HELP. And yes, Kenji is definitely best friend goals. Everybody needs their own Kenji to cheer them up and offer amazing advices!


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