Fictional Fever Week: Day 2 | Hannah’s Favorite Platonic Relationships


Welcome back to day 2 of Fictional Fever Week at Fiery Reads! Yesterday, we learned who Gee is spending Valentine’s Day with (an A+ choice, I might add). The second guest blogger of the week is Hannah, and she’ll be telling us all about her favorite platonic relationships!

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Hannah is a 17 year-old aspiring author and soon-to-be college freshman who’s written 3 novels and read hundreds more. A wanderlust at heart, she loves to spend any free time she has traveling the world. She blogs about her adventures as well as her daily outfits , in addition to blogging about books on Feel free to chat with her on any of her social media sites!


Ah, the good ole’ damn-you-two-would-be-so-freaking-cute-together feeling. That’s the first thing I think of when I hear the word “platonic relationship”. Although I absolutely love the canon pairing for characters 99% of the time, sometimes I just can’t help but imagine what it would be like if the characters had ended up with different people, specifically, their best friends. After going through some of my favorite books, I decided to pick my top four (because five is overrated) platonic relationships that give me all the warm and fuzzies, while making me question what could have been had these characters ended up together.

1. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, from the HARRY POTTER series.

edit from alex: YESSS I love these two!!

This is arguably the most favorite platonic relationship in literature. Hermione and Harry have such a complex relationship- one based on commitment and founded on survival- yet, it’s one of the most revealing. We see every single angle of their relationship throughout the seven novels. We see them laughing and cracking jokes together, struggling through school together (although, maybe not from an academics standpoint) and trying to survive the trials and tribulations that come with being {associated with} the chosen one. From falling through fire, and falling in love with the most unlikely partners, the friendly, platonic love between them never falters, and, in the end, really backs J.K. Rowling’s message that love always wins the war.

2. Ruby and Chubs, from THE DARKEST MINDS.

Gah, I love these two so much!! While we don’t see their relationship much in book one, it quickly develops throughout the rest of the books in the series, into one of the funniest platonic relationships ever! Their constant banter, witty comebacks, and perpetual whining make for a fun, lighthearted relationship that is so very needed within such a dark story. I can’t count how many times I laughed out loud at the two of them, or even laughed so hard that I cried. I have so much love in my heart for these two characters, and I totally wish I could read an entire novel just dedicated to conversations between the two of the,

3. Juliette and Kenji, from SHATTER ME


edit by alex: another great choice!! i love these two ❤

If you’ve read any of my blog posts on Oh, the Book Feels! or you follow me on Twitter, it’s no surprise that I love SHATTER ME and all the characters in the series (save for one, but that’s another story…). In a very dark, very serious novel, Kenji and Juliette’s relationship serves as the only source of light and humor. Like Ruby and Chubs, their banter, and specifically Kenji’s sass in response to…well…literally EVERYTHING that Juliette says. I think it’s hilarious how he friend zones her so early on within the series. I don’t think I could back them as a couple (they would probably murder each other) but I do absolutely love them as friends.

4. Feyre and Lucien, from A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES

Are you sensing a theme here? I love funny friendships! Despite ACOTAR being a very dark, twisted novel, Feyre and Lucien had me laughing out loud quite a few times in the book. Like all the relationships before, they demonstrate light within darkness, and provide an aspect of humor to an otherwise dark story. While their relationship definitely has more serious notes to it than the others listed before, it is nevertheless still lighthearted at times, and ultimately lovable, which definitely accounts for why these two made it into my top four.

So those are my top four favorite platonic relationships in YA fiction! Did you love any or al, of these as much as I did? Let me know!

Huge thank you to Alex for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour. Be sure to come back to her blog every day this week for a new post!

Today is the day the giveaway officially starts! It’s for any book mentioned during the event (whether the character is mentioned, the actual book, a series, etc.), and it’s international, as long as the Book Depository or Amazon ships to you!

Who are your favorite platonic duos? do you share any of hannah’s picks? let us know in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Fictional Fever Week: Day 2 | Hannah’s Favorite Platonic Relationships

  1. Anissa @ She Reads Too Much says:

    Ahh, these are SUCH great platonic relationships! Harry and Hermione = the best. Also love Lucien and Feyre. Eeeep, reminds me how excited I am for ACOTAR 2 to come out! 😀 Great post!


  2. Sarah Cone says:

    Nice to meet you, Hannah! I’m ashamed to say that the only book/series that I’ve read from the ones you talked about is Harry Potter so of course, my answer has to be Harry & Hermione; though I love them so much& feel like i have a kind of history with them (is that weird?) that I’d probably pick them anyway.I guess I’m going to have to read the other books just to be sure though, because when it comes to reading, I have to be thorough! 😉 Great post!


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