“Magic and Mayhem” Tour Recap + Game!



On November 17th, Leigh Bardugo’s Magic and Mayhem came to Barnes and Noble near me. This was the tour for Leigh’s newest book, Six of Crows, which I absolutely loved to death (you can read my review here!) I went with my mom and my friend to see Leigh in person, and let me tell you, it was an awesome night!

First, Leigh treated us to a delightful reading from a story she wrote when she was younger, which was incredibly entertaining and earned a few laughs. Then she took questions, and here are some of the things she said.

  1. She talked about the writing process a lot.

    She reminded writers that you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself to have a perfect first draft, because that’s not reality. Authors have tons and tons of revisions before getting to the final draft. The writing really gets good during those middle steps, she said. Another big thing she talked about was writing no matter what. There will inevitably be bad days where you feel like a fraud, but that’s the days where the real magic happens.

  2. Six of Crows is her favorite of her books.

    Leigh said that she feels as though it’s her best book yet, and is therefore her favorite.  The next book is always the best in her mind, and you can definitely see it in the writing–her stories have only gotten stronger as she goes farther in her career. She told us that she wouldn’t have been able to write Six of Crows if it was her first book. I can totally see how that’s true; Six of Crows is so complex and intricately weaved together, it takes a true master of the writing craft to be able to pull it off so perfectly.

  3. The two Grisha settings are very different.

    There are many glaring differences between the two places in the Grisha verse. For one, Kerch is practically rolling in wealth; Ravka, however, is very poor. Another big thing is how the Grisha are treated–in Ravka, they are held in high regard, but in Kerch they are persecuted for who they are. Leigh said she was conscious of this as she wrote Six of Crows, and found it fun to write a book that was very different from Shadow and Bone.

I also got all of my books signed by Leigh–including an ARC of Shadow and Bone that I got the same day as the signing!! Perfect timing, right? It’s a book I’ll treasure forever.


Did you notice something odd in the second picture? ….A second signed copy of Six of Crows perhaps? That’s right! You can be the proud owner of this beautiful baby:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I’m running a giveaway on my blog for a signed copy of Six of Crows. It’s US only (sorry international friends!) and you can find more details here. So if you’d like to own this beautiful piece of signed literature, go ahead and enter the giveaway!

Now, time for a game 🙂

I’ve compiled fun little facts from the event and some made up ones for a game of Two Truths and a Lie. Below are pictures with three statements. Two of them are true, and one of them is a lie I’ve made up. The answers will be posted at the bottom of this post. Can you guess them correctly?




Did you see Leigh Bardugo on her tour for Six of Crows? How’d you do on Two Truths and a Lie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!






Round 1- 2 is the lie
Round 2- 1 is the lie


5 thoughts on ““Magic and Mayhem” Tour Recap + Game!

  1. SJ Bouquet says:

    I LOVE LEIGH BARDUGO! 😀 I recently tried to meet her but that was an awful experience xD came THIS close, but no cigar I’m afraid 😦

    BUT OMG NIKOLAI IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME 😮 ….I would freak out so hard if she wrote a book for him. That would be my dream come true a;lkdf


    • Alex @ Fiery Reads says:

      She’s honestly such an amazing person! She was so witty and fun to talk to and I learned a lot more about the Grisha world. If you ever get the chance to see her, I definitely recommend going! The event was so much fun 🙂


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