Fictional Fever Week: Day 7 | Lillie’s Romantic Books + Playlists!


Welcome to day 7 of Fictional Fever Week at Fiery Reads! If you’re just joining in, I posted the schedule for the event in the introduction post, which you can check out here.

Today is day 7, the last day of Fictional Fever Week *cries*. But don’t worry–we’re going out with a bang! Lillie is here to share two of life’s greatest things with you: books and music! She’s created playlists for romantic YA books.

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Fictional Fever Week: SOPHOMORE EDITION! | Introduction Post


Welcome to the introduction to Fictional Fever Week: SOPHOMORE EDITION!! I did this event last year and I am thrilled to be able to bring it back, this time with both familiar faces and some new ones!

In case you are new to this event, or just forgot, here’s what it’s all about. Fictional Fever Week is a week long event on Fiery Reads featuring 7 guest bloggers. All topics will relate to Valentines Day and either fictional characters or bloggers. A special giveaway will also run along with the event! Continue reading

Book Recommendations for the Netflix Lovers


If you’re anything like me, then you’re just a little obsessed with Netflix. Okay, who am I kidding–I am completely and utterly obsessed with Netflix and I am proud of my life choices. Their original shows are prime examples of good storytelling (or at least the ones I’ve watched). So I thought, why not make some book recommendations based on netflix original shows? And so this blog post was born.

Today I’m going to give you some awesome recommendations based on your favorite netflix shows. Love Stranger Things? Sense8? Jessica Jones? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? I’ve come up with recommendations for all these shows and more!

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Discussion: Is Hype Always a Bad Thing?


In my last post, I talked about wanting to get back in the habit of posting discussions once a month. It’s Sunday, and that means I’m ready with a new discussion post to start my blogging year off right!

This topic is one I think everyone has a strong opinion on: book hype. Generally, the conversation about hype is always a negative one. I mean, who hasn’t felt that disappointment after reading a book you were SO excited for, but it only turned out to be okay? I know I’ve felt that way a dozen times before. But is hype always a bad thing?
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